March 18, 2017

Secretary’s Weekly Report

Bowburn Marking Station

On Wednesday night I had a get together with one or two members to sort out the requirements of the Marking Station. Everything is in hand and I will provide a full update when action points have been finalised.

Couple of key points were identified not least the need for helpers on the marking nights. I feel confident that this will not be an issue. Secondly and one issue which I will continue to emphasise. Members are personally responsible for ensuring that ETS ring numbers are recorded correctly and tally with your Pocket clock or Base unit. Any pigeon whose details do not meet this security test will be rejected and not allowed entry on race night. It is also important that you record the correct sex and colour of the bird.

Avian Bird Flu

There have not been any further reported outbreaks which is good news. The RPRA Website has up to date guidance on DEFRA requirements when near Restricted Zones and is worth a look.

Annual Young Bird Sale

Jeff is busy compiling the sales list. Please let him have details of your pledges asap if not already submitted.

General Meeting

There will be a General Meeting at the Sportsman on Wednesday the 5th April (Kick-Off 7.45pm).

Bob Mckie

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