Privacy Statement

The Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and members of the Sportsman FC Committee are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

This notice explains how we use the personal information of members, either past or present, to comply with the law on Data Protection

For club members we will only use the personal information that you have supplied us with, - (either as an individual or as a partnership) - to enable you to participate in the race program, or any other racing-pigeon related activity the club may from time to time organise, (e.g. On-Line Auctions), and for the club to provide you with any requisite information as per the domestic rules of the club.

Personal information will include details such as: - name(s), title, postal address, telephone numbers including mobiles if applicable, RPRA loft numbers & locations, pigeon ring numbers, affiliated organisations.

The Sportsman FC has a domestic set of rules that may change at any annual general meeting, which the membership both agree to observe, and are obligated to follow. The club is affiliated to the Royal Pigeon Racing Association (RPRA), and governed overall by the rules of the RPRA. These rules can be viewed at www.rpra

Some personal information collected, will by necessity be shared with our Governing Body — The Royal Pigeon Racing Association - along with the club’s Marking Station officials, should you wish to compete in any race.

Information collected will not be shared in any way with any organisation, other than as detailed above, unless you give express consent to our Press Officers for them to publicise your achievements, and we promise to keep your details confidential, safe and secure.

Race results containing the details of members and their approximate geographical locations and positions, will be advertised both in the UK Fancy Press; on the Sportsman FC web site, and potentially other web sites world-wide, along with hard copy publications in other Countries.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) May 2018 — Compliance

The information we collect includes: - Names, Addresses, Contact details such as phone numbers and e’-mail addresses, RPRA Loft Numbers, Latitude & Longitude coordinates, Local Club details. All details held on our computers are password protected, and the software has up to date antivirus protection. Regular Back-Ups’ are taken and may be stored on memory sticks, or cloud based storage. Any paper files that hold personal information are kept securely when not in use.

Personal data is kept on computer for as long as needed to fulfil historical record of current or past membership, or for any potential credit or suspension history. We collect your personal data with your consent in order to provide you with access to a fully functioning racing pigeon club. Other service providers to the Sportsman FC will have access to your personal information such as our software provider; web site master or press and handbook printers.

You may withdraw this consent at any time, following the opt-out process, but in doing so the club would then be unable to calculate any race statistics.

If a Data Breach is Suffered

A personal data breach means a breach of security leading to the complete destruction, loss, unauthorised access or disclosure of personal data.

Any personal data breach must be reported to the club Secretary or Treasurer and they will investigate if the data breach was likely to result in a risk to the individual(s); for instance damage to reputation; financial loss, and if this is the case the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) must be informed within 72 hours.

Access to Personal Data

If a club member (past or present) wishes to have access or knowledge concerning any personal data we may hold on them, they need to apply in writing to an officer of the club, whose details can be found on the Sportsman FC web site

Steps must be taken to confirm the identity of the individual before supplying the requested information, which will require both photographic identification, and proof of address.

Data Changes

It is important that the information members have provided is kept up-to-date and accurate. You should let us know as soon as possible if anything changes, such as telephone or e’-mail addresses.

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