December 19, 2016

Secretary’s Weekly Report

Bird Flu

As you will all know by now the ban on free-flying of birds around the lofts was quickly lifted. However the serious outbreak on a turkey farm in North Lincolnshire in mid-week simply reinforces the need for vigilance and everyone should ensure that active bio-security arrangements are in place. Remember the old adage a stitch in time saves nine’.


As we move forward into the new year I thought it may be interesting if one of our members would consider writing a weekly blog for the website.

This would be in the form of a running commentary on the preparation of their birds for the distance/National races. I appreciate it would be something of an undertaking but there would be undoubted benefits for our membership and much pleasure and sense of personal achievement can be gained from such a commitment.

If anyone is interested just give me a call to discuss further.

Finally this will be our final report for 2016. Jeff and I would like to take the opportunity to wish all members, friends and supporters of the SPORTSMAN FLYING CLUB a Merry Xmas and a Prosperous 2017.

Bob Mckie

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