October 9, 2016

Secretary’s Weekly Report

The NFC Annual Dinner and Presentation will be held in Torquay on Saturday 26th November 2016

There are one or two club members already booked-up to attend this event which is one of the highlights of the NFC calendar. There is still time to book a ticket so if you fancy a long weekend give Mick Mcgrevy the NFC President a call. Full details in 2016 Handbook

Sportsman FC club presentation night this Wednesday 19th October at the Sportsman Inn at Toft Hill, kick off 8-00pm. Everything is in hand insofar as the planning is concerned. So all we need now is a good turn-out from the membership. Jeff and I hope to see you all on the night. We will have the presentation followed by the buffet then the auction of the fivebirds pledged by our Section N winning lofts. Guest auctioneer is Gary Heslington. Check out the October Y/B Sale page on this website for more information on the birds. All the five birds will be in the pens on the night. We will also have our usual raffle later in the evening.

Bob Mckie/Jeff Walton

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Secretary’s Weekly Report Back from holidays and it’s all go. Jeff and I are pushing ahead with arranging our pay-out night at the Sportsman on the 19th October. The main
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Secretary’s Weekly Report John & Steven Best top prize winners with Rod Adams & Isaac grandson of the Sportsman FC founder George Gaskill Runner up at the Sportsman

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