May 8, 2016

Secretary’s Weekly Report

Fougeres National

Be on your marks the first National of the season is 2 weeks from today and there is everything to play for in the Sportsman Flying Club. Could we have the 1st Section N winner in the Club? What a fantastic start that would be to the new season.

NFC News

It has been a hectic 10 days for the Officials and Secretaries of the NFC. The Print Co. responsible for publishing the Annual Handbook went into Liquidation without warning. However after some pressure from Officials the Company has agreed to do a print run as mentioned by Jeff in his Group Text and the handbook should be with you shortly. In the meantime you should have received copies of the necessary entry forms and verification cards for the first 2 National races in the post Friday or Saturday. Remember though that you can as an alternative send your entry in on-line.

Also you should have received in a separate communication your new NFC code number. This should be used on your race entry forms, to log into the website and on all correspondence with the club.

Well done to everyone involved for acting so swiftly and averting a possible farce.

Next I thought it would be helpful just to recap on the new:

Champion of Champions League!

Sponsored by Hartwell Car Dealers

Entry is free and the rules are:

  • A minimum of 4 out the first 5 races must be entered to qualify.

  • Each participating member is allowed to nominate 5 birds per race

  • The Top 5 on the race sheet will be the nominated birds, ETS users will be the Top 5 on the ETS sheet, unless Part B of the entry sheet is filled in with the Top 5 again, on that sheet.

  • The nominated birds have to finish in the top 10% in the Section result to get points. E.g. 463 birds in your section, equals, in the top 47 in Section to qualify.

  • Any number above the whole number will be rounded up for Section Qualification.

  • Points are allocated from 10 down to 1 per nominated bird, per Section.

  • Each Section Champion, at the end of the 5 races will receive £150 Prize Money.

  • The member with the most points will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie then the member with the most 1st places will be declared the winner. If this is the same then it will go down to 2nd places, and so on until a winner is declared.

  • The overall Champion of Champions, will be the Member with the most points and beaten all other Section winners, will Win a New Car sponsored by Hartwell Car Dealers.


The first BICC race of the season took place on Saturday 30th April and what a great performance by John Rumney. Flying from Falaise a distance of 416 miles, the birds were liberated mid-morning into a cold, brisk North wind. When the news came through that Mark Gilbert had timed the probable 1st Open doing 1219 ypm it was clear that the handful of north east birds entered were in for a tough race. John, clocked at just after 9:00pm as the light was rapidly fading to record a brilliant velocity of 1135.809.ypm to win 1st NC Section from 198 birds entered by 26 lofts. This bird should be very high up in the Open result and is a real credit to its owner who is earning a strong reputation as a National flier. Well done again John.

Bob Mckie


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Secretary’s Weekly Report By now you should all have received your copy of the 2016 Season Handbook. Take time to have a read of the handbook get to know the club rules,

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