March 6, 2022

Sportsman FC Update

Dear All, sponsorship deals agreed so far for 2022.

Vanrobaeys - All race winners will receive 2 bags of corn and range of supplements including a 10 kilo tub of Grit

1st National - Owen Shaw Trophies £100 to race winner.

2nd National - Formula 1 Lofts (John Gladwin) Pair of birds for stock to the value of £500 or a kit of 6x 2023 young birds for racing.

3rd National - Paul Stobbs £100 to race winner.

4th National - Alan Dixon will sponsor winner if Pau is flown £100.

5th National - SS Seeds £100 Voucher to race winner.

6th & 7th Nationals - Young bird/Old Cocks & Hens Tumley Lofts £150 Vouchers to race winners.

Phil Gardner - Respiro -san - Dry to be finalised.

There are still a couple of other possibilities being followed up!

Regarding the Annual Phone-in sale we have 25 excellent lots pledged and the detailed advert for the BHW/Club Website is near completion with the target dates for sale being from 7/4/22 to 14/4/22



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2023 Sponsorship Listed below is the final details of our race sponsors for the 2023 NFC race programme: 20/5/23 Fougeres, Owen Shaw Trophies £100. 3/6/23 Messac,

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