September 20, 2021

Sportsman FC. Toft Hill, Charity Auction in aid of Prostate Cancer Research (PCR)

The auction concluded on Thursday the 16th September when 22 Lots were auctioned off in aid of PCR. What a splendid outcome we had with £4,500 being raised. We wish to thank all donors and bidders for their support and set out below is a list of the individual donors along with the value of the winning bid which came from across the UK including Northern Ireland & Scotland.

Lot 1. Steve & Lesley Wright (House of Aarden) £205
Lot 2. Alfie Hawthorn £450
Lot 3. Dean Ward £110
Lot 4. Stephen Best £350
Lot 5. Jeff & Matthew Walton £135
Lot 6. Dave McSween & Jim Sexton £270
Lot 7. Mick Lilley & Son £300
Lot 8. Bob McKie £300
Lot 9. Jackie Traynor £100
Lot 10. Brian & William Hopper £100
Lot 11. Jim Nicholson £65
Lot 12. Ian Stafford £150
Lot 13. John McCall £150
Lot 14 Ali McLeod £350
Lot 15. Robert & Ken Dodds £100
Lot 16. Tony Lyons £110
Lot 17. Paul Stobbs £200
Lot 18. Paul Stobbs £160
Lot 19. Barry & Peter Winter £160
Lot 20. Barry & Peter Winter £160
Lot 21. Phil Rawson £175
Lot 22. Nick Adshead £400

Grand Total £4,500

The generosity of Pigeon Fanciers should never be underestimated and is much undervalued. This auction is just another example of their unstinting kindness and good will which makes you so proud of our Sport.

Jeff Walton/Bob McKie

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