May 13, 2017

Secretary’s Weekly Report


Check out the latest article raising the clubs profile in this weeks BHW.

RPRA Dispensation

I understand that the RPRA have stated that with NFC & MNFC 2017 rings carrying the extra zero, the first zero on the ring can be ignored for all National races.

Nick Adshead

I have spoken to Nick and he has provisionally agreed to attend our annual prize presentation evening as the main guest.

Avian Flu

Nothing further to report on the latest outbreak in Lancs. where racing has been banned within the isolation zone.

Fougeres National

Hope your preparations for the first National have gone well. Jeff Walton has been working tirelessly to ensure that our marking station at Bowburn is all ready to go. We will require all your support and hope everything works out ok on the night although there are bound to be some hiccups.

I am currently in talks with the NFC to finalise Transporter issues albeit the driver is aware that we start marking at 5.30pm. You may be interested to know that birds will receive their first light feed on the Thursday morning at Sheffield.

I am expecting the odd fancier from outside the Section boundary to be using the Marking Station.

Bob Mckie

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Secretary’s Weekly Report Just wanted to say a big thank you to Jeff & Matthew Walton and John Fellows for their sterling work in organising and co-ordinating the event
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Secretary’s Weekly Report Well that’s the first Bowburn Marking Station completed and overall it didn’t go that badly. The hall we have tapped into is first class, quite

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