September 7, 2020

BHW Show Of The Year: Blackpool 2021

Following my note in July, I can confirm that Ian Evans and I have held another virtual meetings with both The Winter Gardens and Visit Blackpool to further discuss the possibilities of holding The BHW Show of The Year in January 2021. We have also consulted the Show Committee and all stakeholders of the event. I can now advise that, with regret, the committee have come to the decision not to hold a Show in 2021 due to the uncertainties and risks in holding such a public event. We have considered reducing the size of the event and all possible means and formats to achieving a physical Show, but feel that to do so would dilute and devalue what has become an annual pigeon extravaganza. The Government have advised that they will make an announcement regarding the staging of similar events to the show at the earliest in October, such a time scale we feel would not allow us adequate time to effectively organise the event, and if we went ahead and they did place any restrictions on the manner it could be held this would cause disappointment to all involved. In addition we have to consider the welfare of all those involved in the show’s organisation during the event, stewards, judges, trade stand holders and the rest, and the possibilities that by holding the show we could be putting them at risk and become party to increasing the spread of Covid19. Taking all this into account and even considering a reformatted show we believe it is the responsible decision not to hold the show in 2021, and by making this decision early we believe we are being fair to everyone involved, saving them from making any potentially unnecessary arrangements, and financial outlay. We look forward to returning in 2022. Our 50th year, with renewed vitality and enthusiasm, to put on an event worthy of such an achievement, an achievement of which every fancier in the UK should be proud! See you in 2022!

David Trippett Chair — BHW Show of the year Committee
Ian Evans CEO

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