June 26, 2016

Secretary’s Weekly Report

Very quiet week all round. Ancenis result and documentation sent off to NFC Secretary in good order. From what I can gauge the returns from Ancenis were around the 35 to 40% mark with very few more birds making it home after Sunday. Sounds as if a lot did not make it across the Channel.

Big well done to Sportsman FC member Davy Clark of Spennymoor for what looks to be a tremendous result in winning the WDA race from Tours on Saturday. Excellent win given the difficult racing conditions which had a National twist with a 10am mid-morning liberation. Well done Dave. Also Tom Riddle had excellent returns taking 1st and 3rd Tyne and Derwent Fed. with good Open positions.

Enquiries about Sportsman FC membership for 2017 continue to be received as fanciers turn their attention to the National scene.

Next up is the Saintes race which lifts us towards the marathon status as all lofts will be flying over 600 miles.

Bob Mckie/Jeff Walton

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