June 6, 2021

Sennen Cove National 5th June 2021

This is the 1st NFC race in the revised race programme. In the Sportsman my expectations of a high entry rate were dashed when the programme was published. Historically NorthEast organisations have given Sennen Cove a wide berth after disappointing races in the past. Many consider it as a graveyard route hence the reluctance to send. Nevertheless, I take the view that we should make the most of any races on offer, it’s not as if we’re getting any younger!! Sportsman members fly upwards of 350 miles from Sennon Cove, so a challenging race is expected. As normal we race marked on the 2nd June, late Wednesday afternoon before the birds were ferried in to Sheffield to meet up with the NFC Transporter. It was great to see the marking station in action again and a smile on members faces at the prospect of National racing even if it is not from France. There was plenty of banter and much said about the loss of continental racing and some optimism that it would soon return but not necessarily from France. In the end 15 club members mustered a send of 96 birds which was disappointing but as I say not unexpected.

All our races are again sponsored by Vanrobaey Feeds with bags of corn and a range of their popular supplement products on offer for the winners. Owen Shaw Trophies has generously put up £100 sponsorship for the club winner from THE 1ST National . Owen is extremely well known across the UK for supplying a range of sporting activity trophies including an excellent range of of quality pigeon trophies. This is in addition there is good club prize money and £160 pool money to fly for. A full race report will follow in due course.

I would like to personally thank our marking team of Jeff Walton, Tom Cuthbertson, Terry Unsworth, Jim Sexton and his grandson Benjamin for their sterling work without which the marking station would not exist. Sadly, Barrie Blackett who would normally be in the thick of marking was absent as he is currently in hospital. We all send him our best wishes and a speedy recovery and hope to see you back in action soon Barrie.

Yours in Sport

Bob Mckie

Marking Station I/C

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