August 14, 2017

Marking arrangements for the NFC Old Hens/Youngbird National

Coutances National OH/YB on 2nd September (392 miles to Coxhoe). Pick up at the Sportsman Wednesday 30th August 20-00(For Sportsman FC members).

Marking Thursday morning 31th August 07-30 to 08-30 at Sheffield Marking Station.

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NFC Messac substitute for Ancenis Nat 6,815 birds entered nationally After a very demanding race here is our club’s provisional result Jim Nicholson of South Shields 1st Sportsman FC, 1st NFC Section N, provisionally
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Secretary’s Report A meeting of the Sportsman FC will be held on Wednesday 8th Nov at 7:45pm at HQ. Review Pay Out night Race Marking Options for 2018 NFC Section N

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