June 30, 2021

I am delighted to report that Section N, Guernsey National entries stand at 342 birds from 28 members which is a new Club record send, beating the previous maximum by overt 100 birds. This is even more surprising given some of the atrocious racing we have seen in recent weeks across the whole UK.

After the encouraging results in both earlier, Sennon Cove Nationals there is real optimism that we can continue to improve our results. I hope that all those lofts that have entered enjoy the racing and we have some positive Open race result.

As followers will know the Sportsman Flying Club was established over 10 years ago to promote National racing in the North East. It has been a long road and perhaps we are beginning to see a changing attitude towards national racing in the area. Let’s hope interest continues to grow as I’m sure it will when Continental racing is back on the agenda and a few more top Open positions are under the belts of NorthEast fanciers.

The Toft Hill marking station will be all ready for race marking from 16.30 TO 18.30 on Wednesday 30th June. As Officer in Charge, I thank in advance all our hard-working helpers.

Finally, a big thank you to our club Sponsors who have stepped up to the plate to support our progressive club. This includes, Vanrobaeys, Paul Stobbs, Formula 1 Lofts, House of Arden, Owen Shaw Trophies, Osmonds, Tumley Lofts and Respiro-San Dry.

Let’s hope the weather is kind this coming weekend and we enjoy great National racing.

Yours in Sport
Bob Mckie
Officer in Charge
Toft Hill NFC Marking Station

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